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Getting Cords and Cables Under Control

Solutions for creating order out of disarray

Nothing says “clutter” more than all those unsightly—yet unavoidable—tangled cords and wires from your computer, charger, printer, speakers, surge protector…and on and on.

Whether you have a home office, a dedicated space for kids to do homework, or a home entertainment center, you’re guaranteed to have a mess of cords along with it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with that mess. Any of the following will work for reigning in the cord free-for-all, leaving you with a more serene space.

  • Hang them up. Get home office or homework center cords and cables off the floor and out of sight with a cable management tray, which installs underneath a desktop. A tray made out of mesh steel is a sturdy option that also provides good airflow.

  • Think inside the box. If a tray under your desk isn’t your thing, consider a cable management box. A cable management box is just that—a box for hiding cords and power strips. Look for one that’s large enough to accommodate everything you want to hide, and in a material, like bamboo, that will add to the aesthetics of your room.
Hang them up. Hang them up.
  • Tie them up. Hook and loop cable ties, which come in various lengths and thicknesses, and stretchy, silicone magnetic ties, both work well for corralling cords, and are ideal for devices that you move around a lot.

  • Add a sleeve. A cable sleeve keeps cords and cables neatly wrapped together from computer to electrical outlet. And for a side bonus, the sleeve can also help deter four-legged feline friends from chewing on the cords (depending on the sleeve’s material).
Tie them up. Tie them up.
  • Stick it to ‘em. Self-sticking clips are good for smaller cords (like charging cords) that you need ready access to. (Look for multipacks that have clips for single as well as multiple cords.) Stick them on or under the desk, on a desk leg—whatever works for you—so your cables are always within reach when you want to plug something in.

  • Keep them in line. An alternative to self-sticking clips, a slotted cable organizer is also great for multiple, smaller cords. Wooden, self-stick organizers look classy; if you want to avoid self-stick, look for a weighted design.
Stick it to ‘em. Stick it to ‘em.

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